Here's the brief story of my journey...

from pain to passion, to a plan, to a purpose.

My Own Transformational Journey…

I am Chris Shakespeare Hutchings, I am a coach, mentor and entrepreneur.

I have over thirty years’ experience in working with people, running companies, managing and motivating successful teams and individuals. Working with great, talented people, I have built two successful companies from scratch, taking them to over seven figures in sales and valuation.

On my own personal journey, I achieved great corporate and material success, but I did not have balance. This affected my personal wellbeing, boundaries and my relationships. I had a lot of success and I also, made a lot of mistakes.

I had a complete change in my life circumstances, when I sold my business, followed by divorce and consequently, my failing health which led to complete burnout. So there I was, with all the modern world trappings, 'materially rich, but spiritually broken'.

With complete physical and mental exhaustion, that was my WTF moment!

However, I became really curious. How do I change? How do I rebuild and then create a life that really works for me?

A life that works completely, and in balance, mind, body and soul.

I quickly had to develop much stronger self-reliance and resilience. How to adapt and change, how to put my life and my wellbeing first and foremost, and then, how to build a life around that, which really delivered for me and my loved ones.

I also invested in coaching to support this change. What was a coach seeing that I was not?

With a paradigm shift in my thinking and my approach to life, I made it my mission to discover how to live an energised life of joy, fun, success with great relationships, whilst keeping that healthy balance and perspective.

How to live well today, and not living a life based on some conditional future set of external circumstances, such as a retirement, holiday, business sale, new partner, new house, etc. The proverbial ‘I will be happy when..’ ‘Or, I would be happy, if only…’

From my experience, learning and expertise, I now, help my clients to develop and optimise five key aspects of their wellbeing; physical, mental, relationships, purpose and prosperity. 

So, my calling is in helping people and coaching them on how to thrive today, right now, despite any adverse or difficult circumstances. 

I thrive on helping people to drive the behaviour change that they desire, and to give them the tools to unlock their true potential.

I am passionate about human wellbeing and how we as humans are meant to live with vitality in this world, without damaging our own health, wellbeing and our natural world.

My clients say that ‘I create a calm, non-judgmental space where they can express and discover what is really important and valuable to them.’

After my own transformational journey, I now have the experience and expertise to help, support and empathise with you.

I will create a bespoke coaching program for you, reflective of your own important desires and goals.

So, if you are ready to explore how to unlock the door to start living the life you would love to have, get in touch today!

The discovery call is FREE and on me!

I'd love to help you...

Regards Chris

"I have known and worked with Chris for several years and his own transformational journey is incredible!

Chris is passionate about the human condition, mind, body and soul.

He will help you to break through limiting beliefs, build great new habits and drive the real change that you are looking for.

I highly recommend Chris"

Liz Mearns

Empowerment and Confidence Coach.
Chris Shakespeare


After rebuilding my health and wellbeing, I then did some travelling which included volunteering on a rainforest project in Borneo and climbing the high Atlas mountains in North Africa!

I have built a new life, new business, and a new calling and I have qualified as a coach.

I now live in Lymm, Cheshire with my amazing wife Emma, my mad Cockapoo dog and our two cats!

We also have four children between us, so we have a blended human and pet family!

When I’m not working, I love travelling, great conversations, cooking real food, and a good Sauvignon Blanc...!


Chris is a Certified Primal Health and Wellbeing Coach with ICF recognized Primal Health Coach Institute.

Within that discipline, Chris is also a Certified Coaching Expert and Primal Health and Nutrition Expert.

Chris is Certified in Behaviour Change Coaching with Future Fit.

He is also currently working towards the following qualification:

Transformational Personal Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) recognized Coaching Academy. Completion 2024.

Member of the International Coaching Federation.

Member of Association for Coaching.

Certified Prince2 Project Manager

"Chris is passionate about human wellbeing and coaching.

Caring, empathetic and energised!

I am confident that he will deliver for you, the coaching, support and personal transformation that you are looking for, to create an energised life for you!"

Simon Alexander Ong

Award winning life and executive coach and author of the new book Energise.

“As a mentor and business coach, I believe Chris’s own transformational journey forms the perfect backdrop for him to work with you as a personal development coach.

He will work with you with empathy, insight and understanding.

Chris is a thoughtful and proactive member of our Remarkable Coaches community, and I am confident that he will be with you all the way on his transformational coaching programmes.”

Karen Kissane

Award-winning business coach and mentor.
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