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Lasting change starts with knowing WHY you do what you do and HOW to change it.




Learn to build the lasting habits and behaviours that makes real change stick.



Comeback from the major life events and hurdles that life throws at you. 



Build real self confidence and a resilient, calm mindset.


“Every day behaviours are important, each one of them is changing your brain”

Dr Tara Boyd, Neuroscientist

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Overwhelmed, Exhausted, Lost, Frustrated, Numb or even Trapped?

Are You feeling Fed Up or Stressed Out? 

Are You Really Loving your Life?  

How do feel about your Life's Trajectory?

Or do you really want to find your…



Coaching with Chris was such a rewarding experience. 

Chris provided a safe, authentic space in which to express my personal goals. I was extremely comfortable bouncing ideas and plans where I knew there was absolutely no judgement. With Chris’s expert guidance , I was able to drive myself forward with confidence, having discovered what was required from within to strive for excellence with both personal and professional goals. 

Claire, Chester

Prepare to be empathetically challenged and hit by several ‘ah-ha’ moments! I came to see Chris because I wanted help with achieving a calmer lifestyle and one with more clarity and purpose.

Chris has an amazing way of helping you to identify and unravel your limiting beliefs that are holding you back. I loved the fact that Chris knew exactly what questions to ask to enable me to come up with my own solutions to perceived problems.

His vast expertise and knowledge helped me to formulate and implement so many practical ideas that have allowed me to move forward.

I’m absolutely loving the journey!

Suzy, Cotswolds

I contacted Chris at a time in my life, when I was unsure of the next steps to take.

I was repeating the bad habits and decisions of the past, and this was leading me into relationships that weren't healthy for me. Working with Chris allowed me to see for myself, my unhelpful patterns of behaviour and my insular thinking. These behaviours were keeping me stuck in toxic relationships.

Chris gave me the perspective and clarity to see beyond today and to think what a future life could look like. I now have a renewed perspective and energy. I highly recommend Chris.

Mark, Nottingham

Chris worked with me at a time when I was stuck. He is calm and patient. He was able to offer wisdom and guidance, but in a way that meant I still negotiated my own solutions. He directed me to focus on my values and to break down problems into manageable tasks. He is honest, approachable and realistic. 

His challenges were always fair and promoted reflection, if not direct action!

I would recommend Chris for anyone who wants to make real personal progress.

Jayne, Manchester

After couple of messy marriages and what can only be described as an addictive personality, I found myself trying to navigate treacherous waters and failing. I’ve tried counselling a few times and whilst it may help others it does nothing for me. I was initially sceptical isn’t a coach just a counsellor? Turns out it’s absolutely not. I urge you to speak to Chris to realise the difference. So, some months on, and a couple stone lighter and it’s fair to say, I’m still the same affable person, but now I'm in calm blue waters and a much better version of myself.

Chris, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I owe you a pint. Just one or two though, now! Cheers

Richard, Manchester

I contacted Chris with issues around sleep and stress.

Chris attentively listened to these challenges and allowed the coaching work to flow. Chris has great knowledge and insights around these health matters, and came up with practical recommendations to improve my well-being.

He also highlighted to me, some good strategies to manage my self-talk and stress. I highly recommended Chris.

Jack, Milton Keynes

MEET CHRIS - Your Personal Transformation Coach

Hi, thank you for visiting.

Your world view, including your beliefs and values, drive your thoughts, feelings, decisions, actions, any in-action and behaviours.

Your decisions will drive your habits and behaviours for good or bad, which will determine the quality of your wellbeing, relationships, performance, wealth and so importantly, your whole life experience as a human being on this planet.

To help you to make lasting change and to realise your incredible potential, I will help you to filter through the mental conditioning and barriers that are stopping you from making better decisions, building good habits and behaviours.  

I will work with you to give the tools, strategies and support to create the amazing life that you truly want. 

You deserve to feel amazing…

You deserve an great life.

Regards Chris

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