“Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance.”

for Change

The key to real change is in developing the right habits and behaviours for the life you want.

That sounds simple.

But simple is not always easy. 

You may have an existing lifetime of habits, thoughts, beliefs and values, that may no longer necessarily serve you. They may not even be your own values or beliefs, we all have parental, peer and societal, conditioning and influences. 

Also, what you stop valuing, believing and doing, could be as important, as what you start doing.

How I can help

  • Eliminate poor and unhelpful habits
  • Address addictive behaviours before they become unmanageable
  • Learn how to build in new habits that stick
  • Focus on the values that are important to you
  • Create a plan for the life you want
  • Explore what is meaningful and purposeful to you
  • Improve your physical wellbeing and feel fabulous in your own body
  • Learn how to thrive in the present, even when things are tough

How I can help

  • Acceptance and exploring new perspectives
  • Managing stress and overwhelm
  • Creating a realistic plan to move forward
  • Adapting to the new circumstances
  • Learning to focus on your wellbeing in the present
  • Exploring the options of what a new life could look like.
  • Supporting your plan with agreed accountability or milestones


Coming back from any major life event is not easy.

Whether it is major illness, surgery, an accident, bereavement, a break-up, divorce, betrayal, redundancy or even retirement, any loss impacts us all, as humans.

It affects our mind, body and spirit.

We often feel 'what the hell just happened and where do I go from here?'

Once you are ready to start rebuilding your life, coaching can give you the right tools, structure and support you need.


There is a quiet stillness to confidence.

There is a calm presence, an energy and aura. It gently radiates. It is charismatic. 

It is not ego, arrogance or control. It is not fearful or aggressive. It doesn't need status, power, titles, likes or followers.

Real confidence is based on self love, self belief and self mastery. It is accepting yourself for who you are, and it is working with what you have. The inner voice or inner critic is calm and managed. It is an attitude of mind that can be developed.

Self confidence is being positive and of good cheer, even when circumstances are not great.  Its knowing when to laugh at yourself and not at others.

It listens to your intuition and instinct, it knows when to say 'no, thank you' or 'this is not acceptable to me.'

Self confident people know their values and what is really valuable.

How I can help

  • Build self confidence and belief
  • Overcome fears, anxiety and stress
  • Build resilience and grit
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Know when you are people pleasing or being intimidated
  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome
  • Learn self love and acceptance
  • Improve your performance for you!
  • Rediscover your passions
  • Feel healthy and vibrant
  • Define what you really value and your purpose


One to One coaching is a bespoke programme, tailored to your individual needs. No two humans are the same. We all have different needs, and importantly, learning and processing styles.

A face to face short term plan may work for one person, whereas, a medium term virtual short session format may work for another.

We all have different daily demands and obligations, our packages are designed for you, to work around and to fit in with your life.

Our FREE discovery session is a good foundation to assess your requirements.


Coaching is a non-judgemental collaborative process based on taking considered actions today to create a positive future tomorrow.

Coaching is not counselling, therapy or a substitute for the appropriate medical support.

The ICF defines coaching as 'partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.'

If you feel to want to make a change, but you are not sure how to do it, then coaching could be for you...


Coaching is a partnership based on mutual trust, a confidential arrangement between client and coach.

We adhere to strong ethical and professional guidelines and strict client confidentiality in our relationship and agreement.

We believe in potential.

It is a mindset that that facilities enquiry and attention.

As we work with you to unlock hidden capabilities, talents and possibilities, our approach is always considered and respectful.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.

It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you

Robin Sharma

building the vision for the life you want

So, working together, how do we start to bring your vision to life?

Like any important endeavour or project, we create a plan. A blueprint for success for the change you want to see, whatever that may be.

We look at the vision, values and beliefs that will drive that plan and the decisions and actions along the way.

We consider limiting beliefs and any barriers to success.

We sense check, getting things done in the real world, balance, wellbeing, staying on track and the resources needed to deliver your plan.

We break down your vision and establish your milestone goals, progress wins and the key desired results that you want to see in your life.

We remember that this is meant to be a pleasurable exercise, even fun!

And when you are ready...we get to work!

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